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Emergency Order-01 Food Guide

Anchorage, are you okay? I know this mornings news was an eye opener, no matter which side of the fence your opinions lay. Whether you’re self-isolating in paralyzing fear or a hoodie and undies, we all were taken aback by Mayor Berkowitz Emergency Order that was released today. In support of CDC recommendations, Berkowitz asked establishments to cease dine-in services, events, and gatherings of more than 50 people in efforts to #FlattentheCurve.

I’m not here to add to the flood of COVID-19 news and information (or misinformation) that I’m sure is your life. Rather, I’m here to share my knowledge acquired from years of irresponsible coping and a love for small businesses. Let me guide you through the Emergency Order-01 limitations as I present you with a guide to eating locally during COVID-19, enjoy.


Published by Food for Thought

munchin' around south central Alaska, sharing experiences of good food and great people from local businesses across Anchorage.

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