Food for Thought Alaska’s goal to increase awareness of food waste & insecurities is achieved through our projects in collaboration with community partners and volunteers. Below are some of the ways you can get involved

Free Fridge Project

Our Free Fridge Project is a mutual aid initiative using food sharing models from other communities to bring produce, meals, and non-perishable items to free accessible refrigerators across Anchorage. This project is set to launch late April 2021 and supports the 1 in 6 Alaskans struggling with food security by removing the barriers and stigmas often associated with accessing traditional food pantries.

Donation Dash

Our donation delivery project, Donation Dash, will provide neighbors who cannot access our fridge sites with donations from neighbors and community partners. This project is still cooking, check back Summer 2021!

Food for Thought Conversations

Our story sharing project, Food for Thought, will provide an empathetic setting for neighbors to share experiences and advocate for change around food security and resources. We’re working hard with local partners so this project, subscribe to our mailing list so you don’t miss any exciting updates!

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